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April 9th - 11th 2021

Early Bird Passes Available For A Limited Time 

One Weekend That Will Change The Game

If you Network already, this workshop will help you explode your business or career growth by unmasking every single fatal mistake that most networkers are making today. And if you are new to Networking, this will lay a firm foundation for your business & career growth by giving you time-tested, proven strategies that give results!

At the end of this 3-day EPIC Workshop, you will be able to:

Create a Roadmap to Successfully 2X your Business/Career in next 6 months

Surround Yourself with constant new Opportunities and Learn the proven ways to leverage them

Authentically create meaningful relationships & have great conversations with almost anyone, anywhere

Use the power of relationships to create a never-ending pipeline of referrals from your clients and existing network

Become the Preferred Person of your Network, One whom they Respect, Respond & Work for

Outperform your competition, own your relationships and stay at the top everytime


My hesitation in contacting anyone is gone now, my relationships are growing and business deals are closing a lot faster.


Managing Director, Shree IT Sol

How NRPN creates consistent amazing results...

Most Networking advise available out there is on the surface level.. focusing only on the action. That's why it just doesn't work.

NRPN's success comes from taking you deeper into mastering the fundamentals and the science of people.

The detailed step by step proven framework you'll learn here is so ridiculously simple that anyone can master it and become a networking champion. You'll not find this effective framework in any book or course. It's has been forged over 10 years of extensive research, costly mistakes and rewarding success.

I was doubtful as to should I even attended NRPN, but I took a leap of faith and it blew my mind!

Gurnoor Kaur Behl

Creator - Online Personal Brands

Thanks to NRPN I went from being a person who couldn't speak to anyone to some who sell's without selling!

Gurpreet Bhatia

UI UX Desiger

I beliefed that as an Introvert I can not network. NRPN changed my belief and now I am no longer limited!

Amit Chawla

Clarity Coach



Day 1

What we do wrong in networking and how the best networkers build high value relationships

How to transform yourself into the kind of person that people want to network with

Discover what’s really stopping you and create breakthroughs in personal growth

Trust is critical to Networking, right? WRONG. Discover why and what really creates magic

Most introverts wrongly believe that will always be at a loss. Learn to leverage your so-called disadvantage

Learn to create connections with people using the principles that govern human behaviour

Day 2

Nothing happens without a goal in mind; Create your Networking goals that drive you

Success happens when people come to you with opportunities. Learn how to make that happen

Discover the system to know how much effort you need to invest to create the results you want

Not everyone in your Network is equal. Knowing where to focus and how to approach is everything

The Game has changed. Learn how to network in the times of COVID-19

Feels like that you want to network but don’t have the time? The MGV Method will change it all

Day 3

How to hold conversations & create credibility with the likes of CEO's & VIP's

Selling is different from Selling in Networking. Master the art of relationship selling

Learn How, When & Who to get referrals from and follow ups that give results

Now online is as important as offline. Master the key strategies for both Platforms

In Networking, always remember that, you are the product; Become one that people talk about

Discover when is the right time to join a Networking platform and must avoid mistakes to get 4X ROI

" I bagged 1.5 crore project with an annual potential 5 crore business, by following just one of the early principles taught by Paritosh "

Rahat A Bhatia

Director, Raga Group of Companies


At New Rules Of Professional Networking Virtual Experience you will be joined by hundreds of people from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, life coaches, spiritual healers, trainers, coaches, professionals, CXO's, leaders, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, artists.. the list is endless. 

If you are looking at mastering one of the most important skills to achieve success in life... thinking about overcoming your own limitations... become the person people want to network with... and discover your hidden potential 



About Paritosh Pathak

India's #1 Authority on Business Networking and The Science Of People.

Having impacted thousands of lives, helping people break barriers and achieve great success, his clients lovingly call him a Magic Worker!

Paritosh uses the experience gained from his decade long journey of helping people transform into a stronger-higher version of themselves, to empower people who attend his New Rules Of Professional Networking Mega Workshop!



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NRPN Virtual Live 3-Day Interactive Experience With Paritosh Pathak
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Training Materials & Downloads
14 Day Challenge E-mail Series


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+ A Follow Through Session 14 days later. 

Gold Dual

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What's included:
NRPN Virtual Live 3-Day Interactive Experience With Paritosh Pathak
Members Area Access
Training Materials & Downloads
14 Day Challenge Email Series



Alternatively, let a member of Paritosh Pathak's team assist you on +91 9899864405
***Group discounts available (for 4+) 

100% Money Back Guarantee

The New Rules Of Professional Networking Virtual Experience has the power to change your life like it has done for thousands of its participants. Paritosh guarantees that, by the end of Day 1 if you feel that you haven't discovered where & why you are stuck and how you can tranform your life, we will refund 100% of your money.


“ I was going through a rough phase in my professional life and desperately seeking a solution. I met Paritosh and since then my business has grown 70X now, Thank you so much Paritosh for being instrumental in my life. ” 

Ashish Ranjan

Director Tekies India

“ If I was in any other environment except NRPN, I would have never been able to speak to so many people who are so diverse and make connections with them. Paritosh really brought out the networker in me.  ” 

Jagriti Pandey

Design Coach & UX Practioner

"  The Insight, tools & tips I got from NRPN were “Game-Changing”. It was truly Inspiring, Enlightening, Provoking and Reflective. The things that I learned will stay with me forever."

Gunpreet Kaur

Communications Specialist

“ Attend this and become sophisticated at doing Networking and your Business will begin to grow easily. ” 

Aditya Tiwari

Corporate Lawyer

“ I learned to sell without selling. It's life transforming. ” 

Rakesh Sharma

Director, RMS Consulting

NRPN built my confidencee to raise my profile n helped strengthen my business relationships"

Dharmishta Bhatia Shah

Financial Advisor

| Your Path To Success

Must Start Now

These are crazy times; the value of the actions you take now has never been higher for the success of your future. The time of excuses and exceptions is now gone; Now it's time to be exceptional. One of the most important skills of all time is your ability to build-maintain-leverage your relationships, and in the past year this skill has become all the more important.

Come & join a tribe of people that are committed to Successful Networking


What are the dates & time of the Workshop?

The event is for 3 days over the weekend

April 9th - 11th (Friday - Sunday)

Time is 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Indian Standard Time (on all 3 days)

NRPN is a live and experiential  workshop. To make the most of the workshop, we strongly recommend that you have your calendar blocked for the dates and are prepared to participate fully, learn and have fun! The event doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start time on each day.

*Event times are tentative and are subject to change.

How will I join the virtual workshop?

Once you register successfully for the New Rules Of Professional Networking Workshop, you will receive a link to join the Virtual Experience on the email address provided by you. On the day of the event, you will need to click this link to join the virtual session.

What is Members Area and how do access it??

Members Area will give you to access to the workshop material as they start to become available.

The members area also contains answers to many Frequently Asked Questions, check them out for a great learning experience.

You will get access to the Member Area via email within 24 hours of successfully registering for the NRPN Workshop.

If I miss the virtual event, will a recording be available at a later stage?

NRPN Virtual is a live workshop. Recordings/Replays are not available because the workshop has live exercises and activities which are not possible during replays.

What if I am unable to attend the NRPN Workshop

If you have registered for the NRPN Virtual Experience and know that you would be unable to attend, let us know about it at least 4 days prior to the start and we will shift your pass for the next upcoming NRPN workshop (Fee Variation may apply). Any requests received less than 4 days from the workshop may not be addressed. Alternatively you can transfer your pass to a friend. In either case, please send us an email at A pass once purchased cannot be refunded. 

Will I be able to ask questions during the virtual sessions?

Absolutely! NRPN Virtual is live, immersive and experiential workshop. Throughout the workshop, there will be activities, exercises and you will be highly engaged. There will be Q&A session times on each day where you will be able to ask questions. It will be our endeavour to answer as many questions as possible and due the time constraints, just like in physical workshops, we may not be able to answer all the questions. For this we recommend that you take the VIP Pass as it allows you an additional Q&A session (with other VIP pass holders) on Day 3 after the close of the event and you also get a Follow Through session after 14 days.

How does 100% Money back guarantee work?

a) Money back guarantee can be availed only at the end of Day 1. To be eligible for the money back Guarantee, you must have registered for and attended the first full day of NRPN Virtual Workshop.

b) Participant must request for the money back Guarantee between 6:00 and 8:00 pm on April 9th. Request made outside of this window will not be eligible for the money back Guarantee.

c) Upon receiving the Money Back Guarantee, any offers etc made during the NRPN virtual workshop will no longer be valid.

d) To avail the Money Back Guarantee, you must first speak with member of Paritosh Pathak's team. If after this conversation, you are still unsatisfied, you will receive the refund.

e) The refund amount may include certain deductions, such as gateway processing fees, taxes etc.



NRPN contains mature language and the workshop is recommended for aged 18 years and above.
The dates, time and the day wise agenda are indicative and may change without notice.
For any kind of assistance, please contact us at